13 Reasons Why You Have To Get A Dwarf Donkey Right Now

Forget about buying a puppy or a little kitten as your very first pet, and instead, consider getting a dwarf donkey! These mini donkeys are incredibly cute, super cuddly and they are everything you could ever want in a companion. Are you still not fully convinced? Well why don’t you let us show you why you need a little buddy like this in your life. You won’t regret it. Seriously.
Here are 13 brilliant reasons why you need to go to your local sanctuary right now to pick up one of these little beauties!

#1. They are around the same height as a toddler so they really do make the perfect playmate!dwarf-donkey-1

#2. They look super sweet when they are hobbling through your garden!dwarf-donkey-2

#3. They are always up for cuddles and love!dwarf-donkey-3

#4. Seriously, we weren’t exaggerating!dwarf-donkey-4

#5. They love to sit back and relax, at every opportunity!dwarf-donkey-5

#6. They are great fundwarf-donkey-6

#7. And their ears? Amazingly cute!dwarf-donkey-7

#8. They will eat almost anything!dwarf-donkey-8

#9. And they will eat it right out of your hand.dwarf-donkey-9

#10. They are super great with kidsdwarf-donkey-10

#11. And any animal!dwarf-donkey-11

#12. They have wonderful patterns on their fur.dwarf-donkey-12

#13. And when it comes to being fluffy, they really do come in first place.dwarf-donkey-13We really couldn’t resist posting about this and we know that you will probably want to go out and buy one as soon as you can. Even if you don’t have the money or the resources to pick up one of these beauties, you can still appreciate them for the wonderful creatures that they are and this is the type of pet that would make any house feel like a home!

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