Vending Machine Sold Shirts For €2, See Why Nobody Will Want To Buy Them

This vending machine was placed in busy public place and it has t-shirts for sale. Lots of people walk over to the vending machine and try to buy a shirt for 2 Euros, but when they click buy, they aren’t given a t-shirt, instead they are shown a video about the people who made the shirts. They work for as little as 13 cents an hour and just goes to show how little we know about the people who make our clothes.

Watch the video and see for yourself, it is incredibly moving and at the end, nearly everyone chose to donate instead of buying the shirt. This video was made to raise awareness and it has certainly done so, because if we all made a small donation, we could change the lives of those around us forever. Wow, what an awesome video with a powerful message.

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