This 2 Year Old Dances To “Jailhouse Rock” And Steals EVERYONE’S Heart!

This kid really is something special. When Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock comes on, he can’t help but get on the dance floor and show the world what he’s got. He looks like he is having the time of his life and he really does know how to strut his stuff. Everyone can’t help but stand by and watch and he is giving it everything! What an incredible little boy. He’s having a great time and he really is a hardcore Elvis fan.

This is certainly a video that you need to watch because it will completely steal your heart. Everyone cheers for him at the end and his parents must be laughing so hard at his little dance moves. What an awesome video and it really will make you smile from the second he starts dancing. He looks so smart and he completely steals the show with this video!

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