2 Years Ago These Guys Attached A Large Camera To A Balloon And Let It Loose Into Space. The Ending Is Epic

Two years ago, these students started a project. They wanted to send a balloon into space to see how far they could make it go and the end result is nothing short of incredible. This is a video that you need to see for yourself because when they let it loose over the Grand Canyon, the sights are phenomenal. After an hour, they could see a bird’s eye view of the Grand Canyon and everything in-between, but shortly after the balloon popped and it sent the camera crashing down.

Either way, they managed to capture some amazing footage and it just goes to show that there really are some incredible sights out there. The final height that they reached was over 98,664 feet and the creator has said that he would love to create more launches in the future so we really can expect bigger and better things from these guys.

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