This 3-Year-Old Boy Recalls His Past Life And Reveals Who Killed Him

How does a 3 year old boy solve his own murder? You’re about to find out. This boy told locals that he remembers being murdered, however they didn’t believe a word he said. That was until he showed them where his body was buried. What happened next will shock you. Among the villagers was a doctor called Dr. Eli Lasch. He knew about all of the deaths in the village, so when they started to dig up some ground outside, it was really surprising what they found.

The skeleton they found had an axe mark in the back of his head. The boy also had a birth mark on his head, in the exact same position. The boy said that he was murdered by an axe, and sure enough, an axe was buried right next to the body. You’re going to have to see this one for yourself.

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