Nobody Expected This From A 40 YEAR-OLD. This Sent Chills Down My Spine, Oh My!

This woman is 40 years old and she has just achieved something unbelievable. This video shows her during a 10,000m race and you can tell how determined she is just by looking at her. She is clearly very tired but that isn’t holding her back, she knows that she needs to win this and that is why she keeps on pushing through. Half way through the video, the other racers start to catch up to her and she knows that it is all on the line.
That is when she starts to speed up and she keeps pushing through and it all pays off. She wins the race and towards the end, she really does start to put some distance between her and the next racer. She can’t quite believe what has happened but it’s all over now and she couldn’t be happier about it. Wow this is incredible.

What do you think?