This Little Baby Was Kidnapped, But His 8-Year-Old Sister Saved His Life

This video footage is both bloodcurdling and incredible at the same time. A kidnapper captures a young boy from a playground, before running with him down the street. The footage was caught on CCTV, but that isn’t all it shows. It also shows a little hero, a young girl who happens to be his big sister. She ran down the street after the kidnapper and she wouldn’t stop until her little brother was safe again.

The kidnapper got so scared that he dumped the boy in a vacant lot, where he was found by his sister safe and sound. Behind the big sister was her other little brother, who was running with the pram to try and help his sister apprehend the offender. It is incredible what this young 8 year old girl did to save her brother, and this duo certainly deserve recognition for their brave behavior.

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