Abandoned Dog Who Ate Twigs and Rocks To Survive, Now Has A Second Chance

When you see this photo of this dog, you will wonder how on earth he managed to survive. The dog was forced to eat rocks and twigs in order to survive but luckily someone found him wandering the streets and they brought him in for some medical attention.

He was very scared at first and he didn’t know what would happen to him, but he knew he had a chance at a new life and he had a warm bed to sleep in for the time being as well. Each day, he was given food and water and you could tell by the look on his face that he had hope.



He was given the name Alex and the people who rescued him still remember the look he gave them when they came to his rescue. It only took a few scratches on his ear to bring him around and he went home with them the very same day.


When the people who rescued him took him in for an examination, the vet found that Alex had a problem with his stomach. They were forced to perform immediate surgery and he was taken home by his adoptive family soon after. This was to make sure that he could be re-homed with a kind and loving family.


It only took a couple of days, but he managed to gain a whole 10lbs. He was playing with the other dogs in the area and he ran around with them as well. Eventually, he learned how to share toys with them and he completely transformed. The dogs ripped apart the toys that they were given so there is some room for improvement. The dog is now a permanent member of their family!


The fact that Alex now has the energy to rip up a chew toy is a testament to how much he has changed over the last couple of months and he has certainly come a long way.


Please, take the time to share his incredible story with your friends and family. His foster family took one look at him and they knew at that moment that he could become a permanent member of the family for years to come. This is amazing.

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