Drones Zoom In Over Elephants And Stop Horrible Things From Happening

These drones are made with a strong purpose. They fly over African planes to try and stop poachers from killing rhinos and elephants and they are able to cover a huge amount of land in a very short space of time. These rangers knew that they couldn’t protect every elephant and rhino in the savannah, so they invented a way that would deter poachers as well as giving the animals the freedom they deserve without the constant threat of poachers.

The poachers know they are being watched when the drone flies over and it even has video footage as well so it can record everything it sees. The rangers can then act on this and stop any poaching that might happen. It has already been a huge success and it is in very high demand, but what these people have done for the local wildlife is truly incredible. Watch it and see for yourself.

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