He Rescued A Dog Who Has Been In Chains For His Entire Life. His Reaction? I’m Heartbroken

This video shows the moment when a man rescued a dog that had been in chains for nearly his entire life. At first the dog wouldn’t let anyone near him, he just kept barking and barking and he didn’t want to be touched either. When they got him in the cage however, they took him home, and managed to calm him down. It was this moment that changed his life forever. He realised that not all people were out to get him, and he even allowed people to pet him as well.

Now, the dog is ready for adoption and hopefully he will go to a kind and loving home. Thankfully this dog was rescued in time, because who knows what would have happened if they didn’t get the call that day. This is a truly inspirational story and it just goes to show that there are kind and loving people out there.

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