Florida Alligator Eats a Suspected Burglar Who Was Hiding Near the Lake

A suspected burglar has died in Florida. He was attacked by an alligator when he was hiding from the police. The incident took place near Barefoot Bay in Brevard County. Authorities have said that they found Matthew Riggin’s body on the 23rd of November in a nearby lake. The police officers who were at the scene were forced to pull out the remains and they were almost attacked themselves by the 11ft alligator. The gator has since been euthanized by the Wildlife Commission and when it was examined, they found the 22 year old’s foot and hand in the reptile’s stomach.

Laura Farris stated that he was “hiding in the wrong place”.  Hours before the break-in, the suspect told his girlfriend that he would be in the community in an attempt to try and steal from local homes.


According to the police, he drowned on November 23rd. Deputies responded to an incident that happened around 2am on November 13th after they saw two men dressed in black. When the officers came up to them, they fled and hid near the lake. One of the suspects called his girlfriend and he told her that he was being chased. The partner in crime has not been cooperative in this instance.

We will post new updates as soon as we hear them. The victim was reported as missing by his family the day after the incident happened and he was found dead 10 days later. It is unknown what homes they were trying to target and it is also unknown how the incident occurred, but officials believe that the alligator struck while he was hiding in the bushes and after the initial attack, he was dragged under the water which eventually caused his death.

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