Amazing: Fire Breathing in Slow Motion

Using starch powder and a torch, the stuntman creates huge fireballs like he was a dragon. There is no more exciting than watching the flames in slow motion.

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Since an Austrian priest, August Musger, invented the slow motion effect in the beginning of the 20th century – the world is not the same. August created for us the opportunity to watch a clip of a couple running in the rain to each other towards a kiss that will end the exciting story in tears. Today it’s also possible to watch on YouTube someone spitting fire in slow motion. Maybe it was not the intention of August with his invention, but that’s what happening in the reality.

Gavin and Dan are running the YouTube channel “The Slow Mo Guys”, to which they upload videos where they do lots of cool stuff and present them in slow motion. In this video, Dan is blowing a starch powder on a torch and then all the magic happens. There is nothing more fascinating than watching fire breathing in slow motion.

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