RIP: The 2-Legged Dog Who Inspired An Entire Nation!

This woman walked in on a mother dog smothering her puppy and she just had to intervene. She pulled out the puppy and that was when she saw that she was deformed and that her front legs weren’t normal at all. She took her to a vet and they put the puppy to sleep so they could remove her legs, in an attempt to give her a better life.

That was when something incredible happened. She started to balance on her front legs like a human and it is all thanks to her owners. She now hops to get wherever she wants to go and she is really good at it as well! She can clearly get around and this video is well and truly inspirational. This is one that you need to see for yourself because it will blow you away and it also shows what good people there are in the world. Wow!

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