Her Voice Breaks The Silence, But When He Comes In, Wow!

This is an amazing song and it is sung by the legend that is Andrea Bocelli and Katharine Mcphee. The stage is silent and the crowd are waiting in anticipation, but when she comes in with her lines, everyone knows that it was worth the wait. This song has gone down in history and it doesn’t matter whether you are a fan of Bocelli or Mcphee, this song will have you captivated as soon as it starts and the chemistry that these two have is beyond that of many artists.

Watch this incredible video and see it all for yourself. You won’t regret it and it is amazing when you look at how well they can sing together. The notes are pitch perfect and they make such a good team when they are on the stage together. What a stunning performance from Bocelli and Mcphee, this one is surely one that you need to watch for yourself. Wow.

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