Anonymous Have Declared War On ISIS After the Paris Attack

After the attacks on Paris, Anonymous have announced that they will “hunt down” those who are responsible for taking the lives of over 100 people. They released the video on YouTube and in the video, they state that they will find them and they will not let them go. The spokesperson spoke French and he was seen wearing the iconic “Guy Fawkes” mask, commonly associated with the group. He also stated that he is going to “hunt them down” and that they can expect massive “cyber attacks” to commence.


Shortly after making this announcement, he said that he is declaring war on the behalf of the Anonymous group video has already got over half a million views. In the video, he states that the French are now stronger than ever and that they will continue to build on that strength for the future.

Anonymous have already made similar threats after the Charlie Hebdo attacks and they are expected to target other extremist sites as well. Other countries including Syria and Lebanon have also been victims of the attacks so let’s hope that the global response to this doesn’t neglect the other countries that have also suffered from the attacks of this extremist group.

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