After Declaring A War On ISIS, Anonymous Kills Over 3,800 Twitter Accounts

The devastating attacks on Paris have left many in shock to say the least. For that reason, Anonymous have decided to come forward to wage a war on ISIS and their reign of terror. After the Paris attacks, which left over 129 innocent people dead, the people at Anonymous uploaded a video which told the group that they won’t forgive and they won’t forget. They also stated that ISIS should expect them, and that this is not the end.

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Anonymous have also threatened to de-hood over 1,000 KKK members and they have done this so far, with their focus now shifting onto ISIS. So far, they have deactivated over 3,800 Twitter accounts and they have also helped to flag them so officials can investigate them properly. Of course, it is entirely true that ISIS can simply set up more Twitter and social media accounts, but Anonymous have hope that this will cause a disruption in their communication, giving governments the time needed to carry out attacks on the jihadist base.

By taking down the Twitter profiles, ISIS have also been unable to gather new followers so it is safe to say that Anonymous have already made an impact on their operations. Anonymous have also stated that the people doing this are “not Muslims” and that they are “terrorists” instead. They have also stated that they are going to “disrupt” systems, one way or another.


It doesn’t matter what you call the group, whether you refer to them as the Daesh or whether you refer to them as being ISIS. They are a group of terrorists, and the war is against them. Let’s just hope that we can put an end to this before they kill any more innocent people.

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