Anonymous Take Down 100+ Websites In Japan for an Anti-Whaling Campaign

Anonymous are back and they are up to their old tricks again! They have already targeted ISIS, Donald Trump and the KKK, but now they are focusing on what is happening in Japan. The Japanese whaling industry is nothing short of a moral atrocity and ever since September, the Anonymous group have been working against them to try and take down as many websites as possible. They have already taken down over 97 websites with many more to come. NHK, the Japanese broadcaster have also announced that they have taken down websites that are associated with dolphin hunting.


Commercial whaling has already been banned in Japan but the government are still hunting these beautiful creates because they feel as though it is needed for scientific research. Yet, the Japanese government have failed to explain how killing over 333 whales every year benefits them. Japan has been ordered to stop whaling and they have a one year ban, but it has carried on and this is something that we need to do something about. The hack report was released by Japanese police officers and they have also warned people that the attacks will most likely continue regardless.


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