Archery Tag Is A Sport And It Kicks The Ass Of Paint Balling

You’ve never seen this form of archery before! The aim of the game is to eliminate your opponents using a bow and arrow, but this isn’t a normal bow and arrow. The arrows have large foam pads on the end and even though they might not hurt, they certainly pack a punch! This looks unbelievably fun and it is a great way to have a good time with your friends without having to get dressed up in all the paint ball gear. Another great thing about this sport is that it is close combat and there are plenty of padded dummies in the way so this really does add to the challenge.

This is one that you need to watch because it will blow you away and it just goes to show that sometimes the fun things are actually the most simple. Who knows who came up with the idea for this but either way it is genius and it is something that you need to see, right now.

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