Awesome Compilation of the World’s Best Freerunning Videos

These freerunners don’t just freerun. They combine acrobatics with balance and skill to deliver some of the craziest moves we have ever seen. It doesn’t matter whether you are a freerunner yourself looking for some inspiration or simply after something to fill your spare time, this video will leave you in absolute awe about what these guys can do.

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From jumping across buildings to jumping across each other and diving from bridges to rails and so much more, these guys really do take freerunning to the next level and they serve as inspiration to freerunners across the world. Take a look for yourself, and see what you are really missing out on in the world of freerunning. You won’t be disappointed with this acrobatic, somersaulting madness. How they made some of those jumps, I guess we’ll never know…

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