He Was Born With A Rare Condition, But His Mom’s Making The Best Of It

This baby was born without a nose, and it is an incredibly rare condition. He also has no nasal cavity so he can only breathe through his mouth. She shouted the doctor and he told her that the baby was perfectly healthy, but that was when he realised about the condition. She didn’t think that the baby would survive the night, and the first few days were so tough that he couldn’t even make a noise when he cried.

She went home and did her research before she found out that another mother also had a child with the same condition. She got in contact with her and she was a huge inspiration. She realised then that her baby could live like any other person. Eli became a sensation and it went viral. The couple got married but they broke up a week later, but when she found out that she was pregnant, they got back together and they have been ever since. What an inspirational story.

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