These Bacon And Egg Toast Cups Will Brighten Up Your Morning

Muffin tins are very portable and they are so easy to use as well. She starts by pressing down on some bread to make it flatter, before lining the cupcake tin with the bread. She also cooks the bacon in the pan beforehand to make sure that it goes nice and crispy, and you can already see the recipe come together. She then takes the bacon and she puts it into the cupcake. Make sure that the bacon overhangs however, because this makes sure that the bacon has nice crispy edges!

She then pours the egg into the cupcake bread holders and she puts them in the oven. These cups really are great and they have such a nice finish as well. They look delicious and they don’t take long to make at all, so it is a great recipe if you find yourself rushing around in the mornings.

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