Bad NFL Lip Reading… At Its Finest!

This video will have you clicking the repeat and rewind button several times a day. From Romo squeaking that he is going to die to the Cincinnati Bengals coach singing “Disco, Disco, and the beat don’t die in bingo town”… and that’s just a taster. This truly is NFL lip reading at its finest, and the results really are hilarious.  Whether you like NFL or not, this video will have your sides splitting!

From Cam Newton to Jason Witten and even RG III, they are all victims of this hilarious voiceover. Watch the video and see for yourself, because this is one of the funniest NFL voiceovers that has ever graced the internet. Let’s hope that there is more to come from this uploader, because Dez Bryant wants his Funyons and he wants them now! Who knows what he’ll do if he doesn’t get them!

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