He Rolls Cheese and Minced Beef Into Bacon. The Result? Wow. I’m Drooling.

This guy is a culinary mastermind. He deserves a Michelin star, seriously, watch the video and I’m sure you will agree. He takes some bacon slices and pats down some minced beef over them, before adding some BBQ rub for seasoning. He then takes a cheese slice and rolls it all up into one. As if that didn’t sound SO good, wait until you see what he does next. He BBQ’s it and adds some awesome BBQ glaze. The result? Wow. Just wow.

But wait- it gets better. How you ask? Because he adds roasted onions, pickled jalapenos and crumbled nachos. Crumbled nachos you say? That’s right, it works and it looks unbelievably good. You seriously need to try this creation, because it doesn’t matter whether you are a bacon lover, a cheese lover or a BBQ lover, this creation will go down in BBQ history.

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