He Cuts A Hole In A Potato Before He Cooks It, Wait Until You See Why

He starts with potatoes, some bacon, smoked turkey, cheese and some sour cream. He also has some hot sauce and some green onions. He also has an apple coring tool and some tooth picks and some blocks of wood. He takes the potato before he wraps it up in tin foil, cooking it over a barbeque to soften them up a bit. To make the volcano sauce, he adds hot sauce to sour cream before mixing it up. He then takes the potato and cuts the top off. What happens next will blow your mind.

He wraps it in bacon and he puts turkey and cheese into the middle, making layers until it is completely full to the top. He adds more cheese to the top and he puts them in the grill. The end result looks amazing. Anyone can do this at home and it is a great dish to serve at BBQ’s and family gatherings.

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