Shocking Study Reveals That Beards Contain More Poo than Most Toilets

This shocking study shows that beards contain more feces than toilets! Scientists started by swabbing various beards in the street to see what particles could be found, and it is safe to say that what they found is pretty shocking! Poo particles everywhere, but don’t worry, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation for this.

Poo particles are everywhere and on everything we touch. From cell phones to door handles and so much more, so when you think of it like that, beards aren’t as dirty as you once thought. Watch the video and see for yourself, it explains how beards are full of poo and it also explains why poo is everywhere. What an interesting video! This is one that you certainly need to watch and it may possibly change your outlook on beards forever. Don’t reach for your razor just yet though, because there is a perfectly reasonable explanation!

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