She Walks Up To A Street Performer – What She DID Shocked EVERYONE

This woman walked up to a man who she saw performing in the streets. He is trying to raise some money by showing everyone what he can do, and he really is good! He has some serious talent and when he picks up the microphone, you just don’t know what will happen next. All of a sudden, an elderly woman walks onto the scene with her dog and she starts dancing away. The street performer can’t quite believe what he is seeing, but it is truly an incredible sight to see.

She has some serious moves and she wants everyone to know it as well! This is a hilarious video and it just goes to show that you can’t judge a book by its cover. Everyone crowds round and starts watching, and you can see how interested they are in the background. When everyone starts to clap, that’s when the fun really starts, so watch the video and see it all for yourself!

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