He Built This For His Dog, When I Saw Her Reaction? I’m Building One!

This is a great learning accessory for any dog or young puppy! The toy consists of three plastic bottles that have a metal rod threaded through them. They are then attached to a wooden frame before being filled with treats. The dog seems to have so much fun doing this and she will do just about anything to get these treats out! She sits there and paws at it until it spins round enough to dispense them, and this really will keep her entertained for hours on end.

Anyone can do this at home and you don’t need a lot to build one yourself. All you need is some plastic bottles and a few wooden panels. Any dog could have fun doing this and it is a great way to get your dog’s mind working at the weekend! Fill the bottles up with any treats you want and watch the fun start. It has never been easier.

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