He Leaves A Penny At The Same Bench Every Day, I Couldn’t Help But Cry Watching This!

This inspiring story will really bring a tear to your eye. It doesn’t matter whether you are here for the video or simply here to see this man’s story of devotion to his wife, it is a must-see. This video tells the story of an elderly man who lost his wife two years ago. He purchased a bench in memory of her, and every single day, without fail, he goes and puts a single penny and a daisy on there for her to symbolise their two favourite songs, Pennies from Heaven and a Daisy a Day.

But what happened when the pathways were too snowed in for the man to give his penny and daisy to his wife? Two men stepped in and helped him perform his daily routine. They spent hours shovelling the pathways for him, and this is a gesture that he will never forget. His love for his wife is unconditional, and that is what makes this video so inspiring.

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