She Didn’t Let Her Bulldog On The Couch. He Then Threw The Most Adorable Tantrum Ever!

This bulldog puppy wasn’t happy with the fact that his owner wouldn’t let him on the couch, but that sure didn’t stop him from trying! This puppy is about to throw the biggest tantrum ever and he wants everyone to know it. This is one that you need to see for yourself because you really won’t believe it and it just goes to show that sometimes puppies really do the funniest things!

This bulldog is adorable and you wouldn’t believe what he does. His owner isn’t backing down about this and they surely aren’t going to give into him either. This is hilarious and this puppy will want to make you go out and buy one for your very own! Why don’t you watch the video to see what happens next, it will put a smile on your face and it could be the best thing that you’ve seen all day!

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