Widow Books an Entire Pub Before She Invites 50 Lonely Elderly People For Christmas Dinner

A woman who is 86 years old is going to spend over £1,000 or $1,488 on a Christmas dinner for 50 people. The best of it is, she doesn’t even know them. They are complete strangers, but if she didn’t do this for them, they would be completely alone this holiday season. Betty Williamson from Devon, UK used her own money to book every single table at a pub (or bar!). She then paid for everyone to have a turkey dinner and she even ordered them wine as well.

The Telegraph

Betty lost her dear husband over 12 years ago and ever since then she has spent Christmas day all on her own. She has stated that she doesn’t have any close relatives because both her and her husband were only children. On top of this, any relatives that she does have live miles away and are unable to come and visit. Betty took it upon herself to change the lives of others, by asking the local council if they could help her with the organisation. By the end of it, she had booked a choir, a town crier and other forms of entertainment. In fact, over 50 people turned up to have lunch with Betty and most of them were complete strangers to her. Betty graduated from Oxford university and this is the second time that she has done this.

May Kennedy, who is 90 years old has said that it was very kind of her to invite everyone and that she would have been on her own on Christmas day because her family live away as well.

The Telegraph

John Fisher, who is 86 years old has also said that a lot of people would have been spending Christmas on their own if it wasn’t for Betty and that she has already helped so many people already.

The Telegraph

Betty has already been inundated with plenty of donations and instead of putting this away for herself, she is going to use to pay for dinner next year. Wow, can we come?

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