Her Husband Hit Her, But When Bikers Pulled Up And Did THIS? Wow!

For years, this woman and her son were being abused by her husband but that was when these bikers came along. They call themselves B.A.C.A, or Bikers Against Child Abuse. They ride along the streets and they make sure that every family who is experiencing abuse is given the help and support they need. They also help to fill the void left by the abuse, so they really are a blessing for every child in the area.

It doesn’t matter whether a child is too scared to get off the bus or whether the child is feeling lonely, they will be there every step of the way to make sure that they are feeling okay and they even have child-friendly names as well like Scooter and Shaggy. These bikers really do now know to look after those in the local community and they have already changed the lives of children in the area.

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