A Child Dies An Hour After Swimming In A Public Pool. All Parents Need To See This

We all know how important it is to keep an eye on your children when they are swimming in the pool, but a child has died after getting out of the pool in South Carolina. They walked home after playing in the pool and his mother went to check on him later. They found then that he was dead, and the coroners stated that he died from asphyxiation from drowning. Paramedics have stated that cases like this are rare, but they are indeed possible.

This story is incredibly tragic, but are there any warning signs that parents can look out for? The report states that the boy soiled himself while he was in the pool and he then went very tired and lethargic. ┬áBy looking out for these symptoms, you could save your child’s life, so not only is it important to look out for your child while they are in the pool but also when they get out shortly after as well.

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