This Guy Performs WWE Finishers On His Girlfriend And It’s EPIC

This guy is seriously good at WWE moves. A lot of people wouldn’t subject themselves to this if they had the chance, but let’s be honest, it looks really fun. Nearly WWE fan out there wishes that they could do this, and this video really is hilarious. Watch as he performs various wrestling finishers on his girlfriend, she seems to love it as much as he does, and the video is seriously funny.

He does just about every move you can think of to her, and she loves every minute of it. This really is a perfect relationship yet it all starts because she doesn’t like the colour blue. The wrestling commentary makes it all the more realistic and this guy has some serious moves! Watch the video and see for yourself, you won’t regret it and you may even want to invest in a pool yourself so you can pull off some of these moves!

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