This Budweiser Commercial Tells the Story of a Lost Puppy, And It’s Awesome!

This Budweiser commercial for the Super Bowl will make you want to go out and purchase your very own Labrador. This tells the story of a puppy who lives on a farm, and he really wanted an adventure. After bounding out of the horse stable, he finds himself locked in a van that takes him across the country. After spending nights in the rain sheltered in a cardboard box, this little puppy takes himself places he has never been before and it is a truly spectacular story.

When the little puppy finally finds his way home, he is faced with a white wolf. What happens next? You’ll have to watch the video. It is a great story and Budweiser have gone all out on this Superbowl commercial. Budweiser really is best when enjoyed with friends, and this commercial says it all.

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