Watch This Guy Build An Incredible Shelter Using Dirt, Rocks, And Trees

This guy is truly incredible. He is going to show you how to build a shelter using only dirt, rocks and trees and the end result really is incredible. Who knows how he came up with the idea and who knows how he managed to put it all together, but either way, this is a survival technique that we all should be aware of and it shows how much you need to adapt when you are placed in a dangerous situation. You can watch the shelter come together over time and he continues to build and build.

Eventually his shelter has a roof and full supports and he even waterproofs it as well. This isn’t just your basic shelter, he could quite possibly use this for months, and he even builds himself a bed as well by using fine logs. This is a truly incredible video and he doesn’t have any tools either, just rocks and plenty of elbow grease.

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