Her Bullied Son Gets Shocking Texts, But His Mom Never Expected This!

This young boy was getting bullied for nothing at all. He was getting horrific texts from school children and no matter what he did, they just wouldn’t stop. He asked them and he asked them and they carried on any way, but one day, he received a text that would change him and his family’s life forever. The text told him to kill himself, and he replied saying that he would. He told the bus driver, he told his friends and he told everyone he knew, apart from his mother. He even told his close friend, and he was the only one who tried to stop him.

He tried to keep him on the phone for as long as possible and he tried to call everyone he could, but his mother missed the call and that was when the unspeakable happened. He killed himself because he thought that everyone wanted him to die, so his mother has posted his heartbreaking video to try and raise awareness on the subject.

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