He’s Bullied by His Fellow Students, But When He Says THIS to Them, WOW

This is a story that sheds some light on bullying. It doesn’t matter if you have been bullied in the past or if you used to know someone who was a bully, this clip is from a documentary “Happy” and it tells the story of how a young boy was bulled so much that he used to go home every day and cry. He was called “loser” “nerd” “gay” and plenty of other names, and it really got to him.

He then gets another student on stage who tells the story of how he is the shortest student in the school, and he also tells the whole class how it makes him feel. This one will really pull at your heart strings and it is amazing how much emotion they can get across just by telling the truth. Watch the video and see for yourself, this one will blow you away.

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