This Bus Driver Fainted Behind The Wheel, So The Kids Had To Act Fast

A bus driver in Washington lost consciousness behind the wheel of a bus. Who knows what would have happened to these kids if this brave young boy didn’t step in, either way, it is a truly shocking video and it is all caught on camera. This video tells the story of how the boy grabbed the wheel and stopped the bus. He then took the keys out of the ignition and he also stopped the bus from hitting a local church as well. Some of the children started to call 911 and one of them noticed that the driver was in trouble so he went over and he started to perform chest compressions in an attempt to save his life.

Even though the bus driver was in bad shape at the time, all of the kids made it out alive and if it wasn’t for this young boy, the story might not have ended the same way. What an incredible story, he is a real hero!

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