She was severely abused, but finally this poor girl is receiving the love she deserves!

If you haven’t heard about her yet, then you should know that Caitlyn the dog had her mouth taped shut because she wouldn’t stop barking. She soon became internet famous and there were plenty of people who wanted to put an end to this cruelty.

She was soon brought to the wonderful people at the Charleston Animal Society and this is what she looked like the day she was brought in.

Facebook / Charleston Animal Society
Facebook / Charleston Animal Society

Nobody knows how long she had to stay like this for, it could have been a single day or several, but either way, this should never have happened in the first place. She was unable to access any food or water, and it is hard to imagine what could make you do something like this to such a beautiful creature. Thankfully, she got the help that she deserves and she even got to pose with some fireman as a part of a hunky calendar! This is all thanks to BarkPost so check it out today!

We are so happy to see her surrounded by this amount of love and attention after everything she went through.


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