California To Give Free Solar Panels To Disadvantaged Families

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California is the place to be if you want to get your very own solar panel system. The total cost for a solar panel system is around $15,000 so it is only really available to those who are earning a very high wage. There is a new initiative in place however that plans to change that, and this new project will help to give hope to disadvantaged homeowners. Some might say that this will help the poorer communities to see the sun in a completely different light.

California are using money that has been raised by officials to help combat environmental effects. The Grid Alternative project is trying to get companies that pollute the environment to pay for solar panels which will be installed onto the properties owned by disadvantaged families. This won’t cost a thing for them, and it will all be paid for by companies who continue to pump out carbon emissions.

The Grid Alternatives Corporation has been made the manager for the $162 million SASH project and this is the first repayment system that is now in place for low income families. The GA will install solar panels on over 1,6090 homes by the end of 2016 and they will also use job training programs to help support this movement. That’s not all however, because they are also trying to keep the cost as low as possible, so they are recruiting the help of solar companies as well. This is completely free to the homeowners and they won’t have to pay a thing, in fact, all they have been asked to do is feed the installers or help them to install the panels.

The Californian government will use $14.7 million of the cap and trade system to support the solar panels, and the cap itself has totaled to over $1.6 billion so this really is an impressive number. By putting just 10% of this money into solar power, the project can solve two problems in one, helping to save disadvantaged families money as well as stopping fossil fuel companies from rocketing energy prices for the residents in the area.

Anyone in California that is considered to be disadvantaged will be more than qualified to have these panels installed. The GA predicts that this could save families over $1,000 per year and this could then be spent on things such as food or water for themselves. The initiative starts in 2021 so if you live in California, you might want to jump on the new project soon.

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