She Keeps Hiding Her Face From the Cameras. When Her Mother Starts Talking? HILARIOUS!

This clip is from the Carol Burnett show and it really is hilarious. You don’t even need to have seen the show before to understand what is going on, because this is an outtake and it shows the moment when Tim Conway decided to pull a little stunt on his fellow cast members. He starts by telling a story about an elephant, a dwarf trainer, and a ballerina skirt and it just goes on from there. This clip is the unedited clip and it is seriously one that you need to see.

He won’t stop talking until he has finished the story so all the crew can do is carry on filming until he is done. This will put a smile on your face, because he manages to keep a straight face for the entire duration. Wow, what a great video by a very talented guy!

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