Puppies Want To Get Inside, Watch How The Cat Opens The Door For Them

We all know that a dog is a man’s best friend, but after watching this video, you may think that cats play a serious role too! This cat knows that the litter of puppiesĀ  want to get inside and he can’t wait to let them all in. The cat is seriously talented because he can use his paws to prise open the door enough for it slide open. You’d never need to answer the door again if you had this little kitty by your side!

Who knew whether the cat was taught this trick or not, either way, the litter of puppies run right through and they just can’t wait to explore. The cat clearly gets on with the puppies and it just goes to show what a strong bond animals can have with each other. Watch the video and see for yourself. This kitty can open the door in no time at all!

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