This Recipe For Bacon ‘N’ Cheese Poppers Will Blow Your Mind!

To create this recipe all you need is some biscuit, some cheese blocks, some bacon and some hot oil. This recipe is very affordable and it is great for almost any party or buffet. All you do is you take the biscuit pieces and you wrap it around the cheese blocks. It doesn’t matter if there is any cheese sticking out at the end, but this will drip through so it depends how you like them! He then takes some bacon and he wraps the bacon around the biscuit. Wrap it around as many times as you like, but remember to skewer it at the end so it all stays together.

He then dips his creation into some very hot oil and in a few minutes it is all ready to eat! This is a great video and it just goes to show that sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to great food. Anyone can do this at home and it really is so easy!

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