Rescuers Come Up To Them, But Big Brother Is Ready To Protect His Sister

This story tells the tale of Cola and Pepsi, two poodles who were trapped in a sewer and struggling to survive. As the rescuers approach, you can see that they are incredibly nervous and it really is no surprise either. Who knows how someone could actually go as far to dump their puppies in somewhere like this, but either way, their time down there has finally come to an end. Their names are Cola and Pepsi and what they have been through is truly traumatic, but either way, they are now in a kind and loving home with someone who is actually going to take care of them.

This is one that you need to see because their rescue will blow you away, and it just goes to show that sometimes all you need is a little love in order to make a real change. This is one that you need to see for yourself

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