Police Found Coke In Their Trunk, But When They Open It, They Think It Is Genius

They start by asking people if they want some coke. They are then approached by some police officers, and that was when they started to act very nervous. The police became suspicious and that was when the real fun started. The police started to ask more and more questions and before you know it, they asked them to get out of the car. One of the passengers shouted out that they were just bringing it to a friend, and they were handcuffed and nearly placed under arrest.

After being escorted to the police car, one of the officers decided to search the car and that was when she popped open the boot. You can see her laughing to herself over the situation and she can’t contain herself. When the police officer comes over, he can’t help but say how genius they were. What an awesome prank, and even though they nearly got arrested, the end result was clearly well worth it.

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