Carolina Police Officer Charged With Murder For Fatally Shooting A Man

A US cop has been charged with murder as he shot at an unarmed black man 8 times. He claimed that he was in fear of his life, before he handcuffed his lifeless body. Walter Scott is a father of four and 50 years old. Michael Slager started shooting at him and Scott was hit five times. This video shows it all. Scott falls to the ground as he was trying to run away, yet Slager has stated that he felt threatened because Scott pulled a taser from him. The video however shows Slager picking up his taser gun, laying it next to his limp body after he shot him repeatedly. Many people have stated that Slager felt as though he could get away with just about anything.

Slager opened fire on Scott after he pulled him over for a broken tail light. He was arrested for murder yesterday after the footage came to light. The killing amounts to the unrest over police using excessive force against black men and there has already been plenty of publicity regarding this matter. The two men appear to be joined by a third officer, who doesn’t appear to give the victim a second look. When the hospital team arrived, they immediately pronounced him as dead and hours after the footage emerged, authorities had no choice but to investigate the matter as well as placing Slager under arrest.

The mayor of North Charleston has stated that the killing was a very bad decision. He also went on to say that when you make a bad decision, you have to live with it and it doesn’t matter whether you are an officer of the law or a citizen on the street.

According to a statement, Officer Slager apparently believes that he followed police protocol when he made the shooting and that he was completely in compliance with the North Charleston Police Department policy.

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