This Cowboy Has Helped Drivers For Over 50 Years, How They Pay Him Back? Priceless

This is the story of the Highway Man. e has spent the last 50 years helping the people who have crashed, been stranded or needed help on the highways of San Diego. He has dedicated his life to helping others and some of those people may not have been alive today if it weren’t for him. In 2011 however, somebody crashed into his car and he was the one who needed help. He has been driving this car since 1996but ever since the crash, it has been in his garage and it has not been driven since.

That was when something incredible happened. A couple of men stepped into help and they made a promise that they would help to restore his car for him, and they certainly delivered. They helped him to get his car back in shape and it really is an incredible story, so watch it for yourself today.

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