Let’s Face It… We’d All Love To Do This!

This dad wanted something to do with his kids when his wife was at work, and what happened will truly amaze you. He ordered thousands and thousands of plastic balls, in multiple colours and he tipped them all over his house. This is something that we’d all love to do, but this guy actually did it, so he is kind of a legend on the internet right now.

The kids reactions really are priceless and he even added a trampoline to the mix, you’ll have to see for yourself how that worked out! Either way, what he did was truly incredible and when his wife got home, she couldn’t help but get stuck in with the fun. Either that, or she was trying to wade her way through the ball pit to grab her husband so she could yell at him. Anyway, this video really is awesome and it will surely bring a smile to your face.

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