Father Refused To Give A Speech At His Daughter’s Wedding, What Happened Next… OMG!

This dad refused to give a speech at his own daughter’s wedding, but what happened next will bring a tear to your eye. He stood up on stage and sang “I loved her first” in the most beautiful way possible, while also performing sign language because the bride is a sign language interpreter. If this isn’t a true sign of dad and daughter love, I don’t know what is. There is so much emotion in the song, and it can all be seen when he pulls off the last note and breaks down himself.

First the bride cried, then the groom cried, and then everyone cried, because this wedding is truly one that will be remembered. The dad said that it took him all year to learn that song in sign language, but man was it worth it. Watch the video and see for yourself, because this one is incredible.

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