Ellen’s guest is deaf, but after she could hear for a week, Ellen gives her an unforgettable gift

This girl had to pay for a very expensive implant in order for her to hear anything at all and it was her family members who decided to raise the money for her. She has one implant fitted and she has only been able to hear for about a week, but she has already made some remarkable progress. She can hear everything that is going on around her and she can speak perfectly as well, which she says is all down to her speech therapy lessons. Ellen decided to surprise her, by giving her family $30,000 to cover the treatment and on top of this, she has arranged for the hospital to give her a second implant for free as well.

This video is amazing to say the least and it just goes to show how incredible some people in the world are. Ellen has done a fantastic job in making this girl’s dream come true and it is safe to say that this is one guest appearance that she will never forget.

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